Part 3 of the home-buying process: The search

Once you've acquired your pre-approval letter and are familiar with what you can afford, it's finally time to begin the anxiously awaited house hunt!

This is the fun part. First, you'll need to consider your most pressing requirements including: location, square footage, house type, age of property, etc. Then you can begin to narrow your criteria further based on more specific features such as school zone or backyard pool. on how you've gone about your transaction, you can manually search on your own using Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, etc. Alternatively, your agent can set you up with your own custom search directly on the MLS. We recommend the latter option as pulling homes directly from the MLS is the best way to receive the quickest and most accurate information.

Ask us about getting setup for your own custom MLS home search today!

As the video mentions, attending an open house can also be a fun way to browse before you buy. At any showing, your REALTOR should be able to point out unique features that you may have not even known you wanted (or not wanted)! Your REALTOR should also never push you to buy, or not buy, and should remain objective in their advisement at all times. The decision of selecting a home to buy is yours and yours alone!

Last but not least, our most important tip in the search process... ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS!

Shawn Cunningham
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